01. Mr. Rodriguez


This is one is those “Nothing compares to you?” songs. A guy who goes through life searching for the next real love. He will have breakfast with thieves and with villains, and convince them with a wink of an eye.

I grew up with indians in Texas
Learnt religon from a muslim jew
Stood up when everyone knelt down to pray
But nothing compares to you

Bob T and CBATFOW - Mr. Rodriguez

I get really worried about my state of mind, when writing about my lyrics. There’s a lot of those “in love but she’s gone” type of stories. Or maybe it’s missed chances in life. But i’m still trying to make the world a better place.

  • Henry R – bass, guitars
    Bob T – vocal
    Mike S – beats
    Marcus P – vocal, guitar
    Lars P – drums
    Tommy S – sax
    Gary P – trumpet
    Dieter K – trombone
    Felix H – percussion, vibraphone

    She called me Mister Rodriguez
    But i never made it to Spain
    And i was impressed with her beauty
    In the light of a subway train

    I grew up with indians in texas
    Learnt religon from a muslim jew
    Stood up when everyone knelt down to pray
    But nothing compares to you

    Let me go back to the corner
    Let me step out of the light
    I’ve been dead a thousand times or more
    But i’m looking for a new leash of life

    I wish i was the King of the Mountains
    So close to Gods in the sky
    I’d breakfast with thieves and with bishops
    And i would forgive with the blink of an eye

    but i won’t forget you my darling
    theres a bond that’s stronger than glue
    you may be in an another dimension
    But nothing compares to you

    Mother don’t call me disabled
    Give me time to figure in out
    I’m seeing demons and devils
    But it’s hard to wisper when everyone shouts

    i met a sailor from somewhere in poland
    he made bikes out of lead and bamboo
    i’ve seen the rightuous drunk in the tavern
    But nothing can compare to you

    The end of the world is a friend of mine
    But i ain’t gonna share it with you
    Remember my fingertips on your skin
    And i lied to you about the truth

    And i looked at death and the devil
    and i don’t think i’ll ever go back
    i’m tired of living living without you
    Because nothing compares to you

    i’m keeping my distance from dying
    said a man in a dugout canoe
    the river is wide and the river is long
    But nothing can compare to you

    © 2014 Bob T and CBATFOW

  • Listen to the so called Space Part of ‚Mr. Rodriguez‘, this was the first demo. WWhy didn´t we ask Tommy Schneller´s brass section to do this riff, when they were recording the other brass parts of the song? #studiofail

  • © 2014 CBATFOW

  • 01. Mr. Rodriguez
  • Winter 2015
  • A southbound Orange Line train at Downtown Crossing Boston MA.

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